Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Facebook, Asset or Liability?

I'm sure I'll offend someone and get reprimanded for this post, but I need to vent about how much idle chatter happens on Facebook and the various other social networking platforms. I'll be accused of being a sour-puss (or worse), or an idealist, or maybe my comments will just be ignored like most of what gets posted in cyberspace. On the other hand maybe someone will find value in my venting. Yes value, I like that word. Something of worth, high quality, intrinsically desirable, to rate or scale in importance...

What I value from these social utility websites is the convenience of receiving updates from family and friends in real-time. I also like knowing that "the crisis response team" is on standby should anything arise. Unfortunately, I'm required to weed through so much that isn't valuable that I tend to stay away from these sites because they are HUGE time suckers. Does anyone really have that much "spare" time that they can participate in endless polls, quizzes, and other seemingly mindless behavior? (That is the statement that will get me in trouble) I'm not saying that I don't appreciate some of my more humorous friends brightening my day with silliness. And I'm not so tight-necked to miss the concept of light-hearted banter being exchanged. However, are we somehow missing the boat on the value these tools can bring to our lives?

I'm going to try an experiment during the next few weeks. My goal is to increase the volume and value of my posts on Facebook. You'll see inspiring quotes, encouraging news, and more interaction that I hope will be valuable. However, if my network doesn't find value in these posts I’ll submit to Facebook continuing as it is, and I won’t say another word.

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Kar said...

Interesting thots! As much as I LOVE FB, I do agree that is a total time suck and also wonder at the all the time people spend on all the useless stuff(quizzes and sending all the silly stuff to everyone. And then with this new awful (awful AWFUL) layout, you are subjected to all of it. (can you tell how much I despise the new layout?)

Anyway, I look forward to reading your encouragement and more "valuable" interaction and contributions to my newsfeed. :-)