Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Move the Mountain v2.0

A refining of a message from 2010...

Trials exist in every Christian's life. Trials are God's method of refining and purifying us. They often come in the form of a vision that seems too big. Or as a difficult circumstance that we're facing which appears insurmountable. Or maybe as a sudden defeat when we ultimately had expectations of victory. According to God we won’t lack for these challenges/trials in life. The idealist in me says more trials equals more refining. Yes Lord, try me! But be merciful please.

And yet it isn't the results of these challenging encounters or whether we succeed or fail in the moment that actually deems us victorious as a follower of Christ. It is more a matter of our ability to maintain the right perspective regardless of our outcomes that truly brings us victory. Overcoming a trial really begins with not being overcome by it, yes? I believe that the ability to maintain a perspective built on God’s promises is our key to mountain moving victory in life. I couldn't find the exact number of promises listed in the bible but one resource I found listed over 3500 and another over 7400. Either way that should more than likely cover all of our troubles, trials or what have you.

I don't know about you, but at times I’m not very different from the Israelites when they were being freed from their bondage in Egypt. How many more miracles do I need to see before I get it? I mean common. Really? The sea parted and your stuck a few days later? God’s promises are not going to change, but my perception of them needs to if I'm ever going to see real transformation, or mountains moved.

It has been said that God is more concerned with who we become rather than what we accomplish. I completely agree. And I would add that much more can be accomplished through us when we become who he wants us to be anyway. After all, God really doesn't need us to conquer the world, he just hopes that we can conquer ourselves.  He has promised to equip us to handle anything and everything that comes along. Circumstance or vision, big or small, we are equipped. Therefore, it is up to us to live in a way that shows that we believe him. He’s given us a written record of his character and what we can expect from him. He has also given us the Holy Spirit in case we have questions. What else do we think we could possibly need? Another miracle?

I don't believe that the faith to move mountains is about changing our mountainous circumstances. Although that can certainly happen through God. The mountains we need to move most often lay inside of us in the form of unbelief, curses, judgments, bitterness, envy, pride, and so forth.  If you're in need of a mountain moving experience don't just focus on the mountain that you see in front of you. Look instead to God to define the mountain that is actually in the way, because it is more than likely something that is unseen and within you.