Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Living with Intention

As a coach I have the privilege of seeing incredible changes in the lives of my clients as they begin to live with more intention. It is quite fun for me to see each person set and accomplish more goals, live with more enthusiasm and ultimately have a deeper sense that life is good. But what really stands out the most for me is how the level of courage and the size of the goals for each client continue to increase. In every case these individuals dream bigger and bite off larger chunks of life as the months pass. I've recently considered documenting this because of the impact I think it would have on others.

If parts of your life feel out of control it may because you lack intention in those areas. Just pick an area and decide what you could do to live more intentionally. Then set some short-term goals and find someone to be accountable to for those goals. Like my clients, I think you'll find that the results can be quite exciting.