Monday, April 6, 2009

Your Great Adventure, Part 2

"The man (or woman) who insists on seeing with perfect clearness before he (or she) decides, never decides." - Henri Frédéric Amiel

In making your life a great adventure you may experience moments of indecision. Times when you just can’t see how the reward in the end could possibly outweigh the uncertainty of the end. These speed bumps on your road to freedom can often impede or even paralyze your forward progress by placing you in an endless analysis loop, hence the phrase analysis paralysis. You desire change but are too caught up in considering the outcome possibilities to choose a direction. This pattern can be attributed to a variety of potential causes of which a lack of trust may possibly be the most common. Most of us unfortunately have experienced how fragile trust can be, and we’ve seen our share of betrayal and know the power the lingering feelings have.

However, if we are to live a truly great adventure we must reconcile our issues with trust. Letting yesterday's betrayel control today's opportunities would be wrong. I personally do not believe that any one of us is so frail that we would crumble from one or even a number of poor decisions. Not for a minute do I believe that. While a poor decision can lead to difficult consequences, we can still choose how we're going to respond. Some of my dumbest life decisions have ended up being the catalyst for my deepest personal growth.

Whether your next courageous decision leads to triumph or defeat is not nearly as important as the act of choosing. Not choosing will most certainly lead to "what if" regret; and you can always recover from the choice that leads to a rocky road.

Vive le choix!