Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Multitasking and Mediocrity

In our world of excess we are often made to believe that the ability to multitask somehow makes us more valuable. I’d like to challenge you to examine that more closely.

As a coach who helps people get the most out of life, most of my clients say they want more quality in life. I can’t recall even one instance of someone wanting to add more quantity. What I hear most often is, “I feel mediocre in every part of my life” or “I’m stretched so thin that I don’t feel like anything in my life is excellent."

The solution to this problem is simple in concept but will certainly challenge us in application. The principle of doing less to achieve more seems counterintuitive. But, that is exactly what turns my clients around. When they create their to-do lists through the filter of their core values, and don't let the tyranny of the urgent dictate their behaviors, they quickly realize a greater sense of excellence in their lives.

I’m not saying that we won’t ever have to multitask. But, if you want more quality in your life at home and at work, and especially in your relationships, moderate your multitasking. (I don’t know anyone who feels valued when the person their talking with isn’t giving them their full attention) Be intentional about aligning your behavior with your values, and do less to achieve more.

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